Our Code of Conduct is based on respect. If one leads a life based on respect for God, fellow human beings and the environment, all aspects of our daily living will be positively uplifted, leading to a greater sense of moral and ethical standards.

More directly, respect for oneself, those within the school, visitors to the school and the school itself (uniform, buildings etc.) will result in a more harmonious environment in which all members of our school 'family' are content and able to flourish. It is imperative that we respect the feelings of others, their property and accept their uniqueness, trusting that the respect we show for others will be the respect we receive in return.

Manners must always be impeccable as displayed through greeting and speaking to all people respectfully, showing appropriate eating etiquette and excellent sportsmanship.

A file for each class will be maintained by the staff of the school. This Administrative File will house a Recording Sheet for each learner on which major events/occurrences will be recorded. This will include occurrences outside of the normal/expected standards - both positive and negative.

Events recorded will be communicated with the parents on a regular basis, so as to keep parents informed and 'on board'. This will hopefully increase learner accountability and responsibility, while simultaneously arriving at a course of action which will be collective, inclusive and measurable. The severity and frequency of the infringement will ultimately determine the course of action taken.

Learners who fail to adhere to the school rules and the disciplinary steps which are set in place will be referred to a Disciplinary Committee, which will comprise of a member of the BESA management team, the principal, a teacher representative and a parent of the learner. This committee will then map out a plan of action considering not only the individual's misconduct but also the impact (current and future) on the members of the school.

It is expected that learners will:

* At all times set the right example and as such earn and exemplify "Respect"
* Show loyalty to the school, staff members and peers
* Be cooperative and apply themselves fully during all school related activies
* Complete homework timeously and to the best of their ability
* Show impeccable manners
* Avoid lingering physical contact while in school uniform
* Not be absent from school for petty reasons
* Attend to all academic commitments
* Be punctual
* Switch cell phones off during academic activities (If permitted to have them in their possession)
* Show respect for their own and other people's property
* Wear their uniform neatly and with pride
* Keep the wearing of jewellery to a minimum
* Not use blasphemous or foul language
* Not engage in illegal activities
* Not bring their names or the name of the school into disrepute
* Accept resonsiblity and be accountable for their actions
* Show integrity and honesty at all times

The details of the above expectations are detailed in the School Rules, which parents and learners are expected to sign on an annual basis.

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