Colin performs a vital strategic role 'behind the scenes' and also serves a general maintenance function on our buildings and grounds. He has over thirty years experience in the corporate world and was the general manager (GM) of a multi-national South African company for over 15 years before retiring in early 2016.
Don has been involved in education for 14 years & brings a vast amount of teaching experience to our management team. He has a BCom Business Management degree and is head of our Engineering Graphics & Design department. He is responsible for the daily running & management of our school.
Clint has been in education for 12 years. He currently teaches junior Technology and Life Orientation. He performs the 'creative' role of our team & is responsible for the design & production of our yearbook & website. He is in the process of completing a BA in Psychological Counselling through UNISA.
Our principal teaches many different junior and senior subjects which includes English, Mathematical Literacy & History. He has been involved in education for over 25 years and has been a principal for 19 years. He was appointed as the youngest principal in Gauteng in 1997 at Brackenhurst Primary School.
Mrs Cinzia Preddy is our school's financial manager. She brings over 20 years of business administration & financial experience to the BESA management team.
Mrs Ruth Woodland is our administration, office and reception manager. She has been in education for 17 years & has experience as a principal's PA.
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