Our School's History

Initially founded as an aftercare facility in mid-2005, 'Brackenhurst Education and Sport Academy' (BESA), followed a natural progression from a homework supervision and care establishment to become a small, family-owned private high school in Walkerville 5 years later. Re-branded as BESA Leadership Academy, our doors were officially opened in January 2010 with just 51 learners in grades 8 through to 11.

Our entire school was housed in the main building (now the office and admin block) for the first year and a half while renovations were carried out on an existing building on our property to become 5 new full-sized classrooms (N1-N5). We continued to grow from strength to strength and now proudly boast 14 classrooms including a science laboratory, an auditorium, and a dedicated art classrooom.

Other installations over the years include an ablution and bathroom block, a 6000-square-meter field, a fully-fledged tuckshop, a lapa entertainment area and canteen, and a complete overhaul of an existing swimming pool in ruin.

Interesting fact #1: Did you know that our auditorium used to be a hangar for a microlight aircraft and that the road leading up to our school was once a runway?

Interesting fact #2: Did you know that our road was once in such a bad state (as a results of mud) that we had to ferry our learners up and down in a 4x4 while their parents waited at the bottom?! [pictured below]

View our humble beginnings below.